Dear Santa,grant me wishes

I wish there is someone that could grant me wishes.All i know that who can grant wishes is Santa.I never celebrate Christmas because i am a christian and my mother told me that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday,not for us to receive presents,someone receive presents because it is just a small celebration.She doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas because she don’t want to waste money buying me a present.

I just wanted to celebrate Christmas even if it is one time.I received one present before from my friend’s mother,not my mother.I never receive any Christmas presents from my family.I always wanted to wish but my mother said that there is no Santa in the world,all Santa is disguised by their parents and gifts are what they receive from their parents instead of Santa but they don’t even know the truth.

Every Christmas night,i would wait for someone to gift me presents but no one ever gave me.Every Christmas,i would use my tears to spent on that day and wish that Santa will come,but i was too naive.My friends get what they want for Christmas but i get nothing but disappointed.They wrote letter to Santa which live in Santa town.

I just wish,Santa please grant me wishes no matter how many.I just wanted to wish that i could have a happy family,i could get along well with my friends then i am contented.How good it is if there is really Santa in the world.Dear Santa,please appear in the world at Christmas in front of me and achieve my wishes.

Santa,how many people needs your help,how many people wants you to grant them wishes.I wish that there is a real Santa and no guise Santa in this world.



Time waits for no one

“An inch of time is worth an inch of gold,but an inch of gold can’t buy an inch of time”,you can’t use gold to buy time because time waits for no one and time never turn back,time will always fly.

Remember once when i was primary three,which is the year before last year,i am a kid that always waste time doing useless things and never use time wisely. Every week day after school,i would go to tuition on Tuesday and Thursday,but Monday,Wednesday and Friday.I would play games after i shower.Sometimes,i could even play up to three to four hours siting on the sofa.And Saturday and Sunday,it is all day free time except for tuition.

The next day at school,i would be scolded by teacher because i did not do my homework.But sometimes i wouldn’t be scolded because there is no homework or maybe the homework is less. Every time i waste time playing games,that’s what cause myopia.

I continue the life like this until one day,my short sight was 200.My mother was worried and she set a rule: I could only play games 20 minutes from Monday to Friday; 1 hour for Saturday and Sunday,i can even accumulation.Its not too bad but the worst thing is it is computer,phones,television and other electric devices all plus together only 20 minutes.It is totally the end of the world,it is too suffering in pain.My mother said that i could not control myself.

Gradually,when i started to adapt the rules,i also started to control myself without plating games the whole day,that’s what makes me improve on my studies.I need to remind everyone,do not waste time doing things that are useless because time waits for no one.If you want to play,play for a while but not too long to relax from the pressure of school studies or jobs.

The music world

Music is a talent.There are different musics like some are easy, some you need to play fast, some you play it smoothly.Musics is also very complex,there are different symbol representative different meanings like crescendo,diminuendo,pause and lots of strange symbols and names.

There is lots of types of music instruments too,piano,flute,violin,horn,drum and saxophone is some of them.Some of the parents is worry about do they need to send kids to music class,that’s with your decisions.I could give some suggestions,if your kid is interested with music,you can send him to music class so your kid will learn more about music.And,some musics you don’t learn it from the others,you learn by yourself or create your own song.

Singing is also a type of music.Somebody likes singing,i can only give you four words: continue singing,don’t stop.If you continue singing,you might be very good at singing or maybe be a singer when you grow up.If you have a dream,go and try and maybe you will success.If you never try,you never know what is the result.

Do not be greedy

I still remember a folktale about greedy.Greedy will let you lose everything.There live a couple with their three kids poor but happy in a small hut.The husband is a fisherman and needs to fish everyday to earn money.His wife and kids needs to use all broken things to do things.

One day when the fisherman is fishing,the fishing rope moved very hard suddenly.He thought that it is a big fish.He used his fishing net and fish up the fish. He was amazed to see the fish gold in color.”Please give me my life,i will grant you any wishes,” said the golden fish.The fisherman is shocked to hear a fish talking.

“Thank you for your kindness,i don’t need anything from you,”said the fisherman side putting the fish back to the sea.He went back home and told his wife and kids everything about the golden fish that could grant wishes while eating dinner.

“You are a total fool,why didn’t you ask new things instead of our old things?”shouted the wife with anger.The next day,the fisherman went back to the sea that has lost its brilliant blue with small waves crashing on the shore. The fisherman called out for the golden fish and told the fish his wife’s wish and the fish agreed. He went back home again and saw his wife using their new pan.

“Why didn’t you ask for a new house,stupid?!”scolded the wife.The fisherman felt helpless and went back to the sea that is almost grey color. He felt sorry and told the fish his wife’s request.He went back home and saw his wife standing in front of a new beautiful house.

“Its not enough! I want to be a queen!” said the greedy wife. When the fisherman went back to the sea,he saw that the sea had become black with large waves crashing on the shore.He saw the golden fish swam up from the water and told the fish that his wife wants to be a queen.

“Aren’t you satisfy? Go back and tell your wife all your wishes had been erased.” said the fish angrily.The fisherman ran home anxiously to tell his wife about what the fish told him.He found his wife and kids crying in front on their old hut.

The moral of the story is do not be greedy.If the wife used the wishes wisely,all the things won’t turn back to normal because of her greedinest.

Travel guide: The famous destinations to travel

Today’s post’s famous destination is Ipoh. Ipoh is a good place to live.There are lots of places in Ipoh we do not know.

Ipoh is the capital state Perak,Malaysia. Ipoh is about 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur and 130 km south of Penang. There is some famous food we need to try it out like: Hakka Mee, Assam Laksa, Dim Sum,Curry Mee,Bean Sprouts Chicken and more delicious food.

Famous places of Ipoh is also where we need to go.There is a shop called ‘Coffeeright Place’,it is a cafe in 35,Jalan Kampar ,30250,Ipoh and it is a very clean and the food is yummy. De Nest Place & KTV Sdn. Bhd is a karaoke bar at Bangunan Perdagangan Casuarina 1, Block A-2-5 & A-2-7, Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Perak, 31350 Ipoh, Malaysia.

There is also places like Han Chin Pet Soo ,Kellie’s castle,Gua Tempurung ,Lost world of Tambun and lots more to get to know about museum, history, castle, architecture, caving, rafting,camping, cave and adventure.And,your Ipoh adventure needs to start here with this information.


Do not be proud

There is two meanings for proud.The first meaning is  feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.The second meaning is having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.This story is using the second meaning of proud.

There is a story about proud i heard before,’The rabbit and the tortoise’.I think most of the people had heard this story before,if you never heard this before,never mind.I have change this story a little bit.The story began with a one day.One day,a rabbit saw a tortoise crawling slowly towards him.The rabbit was laughing at the tortoise for being so slow. The tortoise  disagree and thought of an idea.He challenged the rabbit to a race. The rabbit agreed because he thought that the tortoise is joking.

The next day was the challenge day of the rabbit and the tortoise. The fox was the umpire of the race the audience was the animals.As the race began,the rabbit run as fast as he could and raced way of the tortoise,just like everyone thought.

When the rabbit went halfway through and could not see the slow tortoise,he was very tired,so he decided to take a nap.The tortoise walk step by step slowly while the rabbit is taking his short nap.The tortoise walk carefully as he walk pasted the rabbit.

When the rabbit woke up,he could not see the tortoise anywhere.He heard the cheering of the audience. He ran full-speed all the way to the finish line and saw the tortoise is smiling waiting for him.

This story tells us not to be proud.The rabbit is so proud because he can run very fast.He did not race with the tortoise seriously.He take a nap because he underestimate the tortoise’s ability.You need to do something you wanted to do seriously instead of doing something very simply.You won’t get the best result if you do things simply.

Tips for a title

When someone wants to write a essay to post on newspaper,they did not know what should they write or what title should they write.I have some tips or example to help you with the title :

1 The forbidden love

2 Happiness

3 I am not scare of the bullies

4 I am brave

5 My dream

6 My Christmas wish

7 It is not hopeless

8 My imaginary castle

9 My best friend

10 My memories

This is just some of the titles as examples to help you.If i have more ideas or better ideas,i will try my best to write immediately to help you out more.Please visit my blog to see if there is new ‘Tips for a title’.

I am not useless

On one day,i asked my mum am i useless?My mum was shocked that why did i asked such question and she asked why.I said that i am not as pretty as some girls,i am not as clever as the bookworm and i am not as gentlewoman as the princesses,i am not good at everything.

My mum replied no, everybody have their good and bad. you are good at drawing,storytelling and others you haven’t notice. Nobody is useless in the world. Someone think they are useless because they haven’t noticed their good.So on,my mum told me a story: When everybody was born, god gave everybody power, which is everybody’s good. Someone did not notice their ‘power’ from young to old,so they did not use well their ‘power’.But some of them used their ‘power’ to earn money and help the others who needs help.

I think this story is justified.So i remembered my mother’s words,never think you are a useless person.

Do not judge a book by its cover

“Do not judge a book by its cover “, this idiom is a very good moral sentence. This idiom teaches me not to prejudge the worth or value of something,by its outward appearance alone.

I am primary five now and i remember a story from last year. When i was primary five,which is last year,i experienced a story about “do not judge a book by its cover”. Last year,there is a transfer student from another school came to our class. His name is Michael. His hair and eyes were brown. He did not wear glasses and he is fat.

In class,he is a quiet boy and did not talk to anyone on the first two days. Everyday when it is recess time,some naughty boys laughed at him and called him ‘big fat stupid pig’.   Although he was uncomfortable,but he forbearance and did not cry. He started to make friends because he was lonely.

When it is exam,i saw he do the questions seriously. After exam, teacher announced our exam results. Michael was the first in class. I couldn’t believe, i thought he is a person that only knows how to play and never learn. I was wrong. Everybody exposed their unbelievable expression.

After everybody experienced this, everybody became Michael’s friends and Michael is never lonely anymore.So,we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. If a person is ugly,doesn’t mean that he or she is a stupid people.

The internet world

There is another world called “The internet world”. “The internet world” is a convenient world. But there is advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of “The internet world” is you can find information faster. You can also see videos that teaches us how to do something. The another advantage is you could download pictures and print them. Google translating and writing a blog or writing essays is also the advantages of “The internet world”.

But, not only the advantages, there is also the disadvantages. The disadvantages is you would play internet games and go to bed late. this would let you get tired on the next day. You would maybe disclose your personal information like email password,your house address, your real name and lots more. There are someone would use your email password and stole your data. Sometimes, you would receive deceptive emails and you would trust them. And, someone would see bad video.

If you use the internet correctly, you would be safe. You must decline and ignore the emails that the people you do not know,it might be a deceptive email.