Dear Santa,grant me wishes

I wish there is someone that could grant me wishes.All i know that who can grant wishes is Santa.I never celebrate Christmas because i am a christian and my mother told me that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday,not for us to receive presents,someone receive presents because it is just a small celebration.She doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas because she don’t want to waste money buying me a present.

I just wanted to celebrate Christmas even if it is one time.I received one present before from my friend’s mother,not my mother.I never receive any Christmas presents from my family.I always wanted to wish but my mother said that there is no Santa in the world,all Santa is disguised by their parents and gifts are what they receive from their parents instead of Santa but they don’t even know the truth.

Every Christmas night,i would wait for someone to gift me presents but no one ever gave me.Every Christmas,i would use my tears to spent on that day and wish that Santa will come,but i was too naive.My friends get what they want for Christmas but i get nothing but disappointed.They wrote letter to Santa which live in Santa town.

I just wish,Santa please grant me wishes no matter how many.I just wanted to wish that i could have a happy family,i could get along well with my friends then i am contented.How good it is if there is really Santa in the world.Dear Santa,please appear in the world at Christmas in front of me and achieve my wishes.

Santa,how many people needs your help,how many people wants you to grant them wishes.I wish that there is a real Santa and no guise Santa in this world.



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