Time waits for no one

“An inch of time is worth an inch of gold,but an inch of gold can’t buy an inch of time”,you can’t use gold to buy time because time waits for no one and time never turn back,time will always fly.

Remember once when i was primary three,which is the year before last year,i am a kid that always waste time doing useless things and never use time wisely. Every week day after school,i would go to tuition on Tuesday and Thursday,but Monday,Wednesday and Friday.I would play games after i shower.Sometimes,i could even play up to three to four hours siting on the sofa.And Saturday and Sunday,it is all day free time except for tuition.

The next day at school,i would be scolded by teacher because i did not do my homework.But sometimes i wouldn’t be scolded because there is no homework or maybe the homework is less. Every time i waste time playing games,that’s what cause myopia.

I continue the life like this until one day,my short sight was 200.My mother was worried and she set a rule: I could only play games 20 minutes from Monday to Friday; 1 hour for Saturday and Sunday,i can even accumulation.Its not too bad but the worst thing is it is computer,phones,television and other electric devices all plus together only 20 minutes.It is totally the end of the world,it is too suffering in pain.My mother said that i could not control myself.

Gradually,when i started to adapt the rules,i also started to control myself without plating games the whole day,that’s what makes me improve on my studies.I need to remind everyone,do not waste time doing things that are useless because time waits for no one.If you want to play,play for a while but not too long to relax from the pressure of school studies or jobs.


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