The music world

Music is a talent.There are different musics like some are easy, some you need to play fast, some you play it smoothly.Musics is also very complex,there are different symbol representative different meanings like crescendo,diminuendo,pause and lots of strange symbols and names.

There is lots of types of music instruments too,piano,flute,violin,horn,drum and saxophone is some of them.Some of the parents is worry about do they need to send kids to music class,that’s with your decisions.I could give some suggestions,if your kid is interested with music,you can send him to music class so your kid will learn more about music.And,some musics you don’t learn it from the others,you learn by yourself or create your own song.

Singing is also a type of music.Somebody likes singing,i can only give you four words: continue singing,don’t stop.If you continue singing,you might be very good at singing or maybe be a singer when you grow up.If you have a dream,go and try and maybe you will success.If you never try,you never know what is the result.


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