Do not be greedy

I still remember a folktale about greedy.Greedy will let you lose everything.There live a couple with their three kids poor but happy in a small hut.The husband is a fisherman and needs to fish everyday to earn money.His wife and kids needs to use all broken things to do things.

One day when the fisherman is fishing,the fishing rope moved very hard suddenly.He thought that it is a big fish.He used his fishing net and fish up the fish. He was amazed to see the fish gold in color.”Please give me my life,i will grant you any wishes,” said the golden fish.The fisherman is shocked to hear a fish talking.

“Thank you for your kindness,i don’t need anything from you,”said the fisherman side putting the fish back to the sea.He went back home and told his wife and kids everything about the golden fish that could grant wishes while eating dinner.

“You are a total fool,why didn’t you ask new things instead of our old things?”shouted the wife with anger.The next day,the fisherman went back to the sea that has lost its brilliant blue with small waves crashing on the shore. The fisherman called out for the golden fish and told the fish his wife’s wish and the fish agreed. He went back home again and saw his wife using their new pan.

“Why didn’t you ask for a new house,stupid?!”scolded the wife.The fisherman felt helpless and went back to the sea that is almost grey color. He felt sorry and told the fish his wife’s request.He went back home and saw his wife standing in front of a new beautiful house.

“Its not enough! I want to be a queen!” said the greedy wife. When the fisherman went back to the sea,he saw that the sea had become black with large waves crashing on the shore.He saw the golden fish swam up from the water and told the fish that his wife wants to be a queen.

“Aren’t you satisfy? Go back and tell your wife all your wishes had been erased.” said the fish angrily.The fisherman ran home anxiously to tell his wife about what the fish told him.He found his wife and kids crying in front on their old hut.

The moral of the story is do not be greedy.If the wife used the wishes wisely,all the things won’t turn back to normal because of her greedinest.


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