The internet world

There is another world called “The internet world”. “The internet world” is a convenient world. But there is advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of “The internet world” is you can find information faster. You can also see videos that teaches us how to do something. The another advantage is you could download pictures and print them. Google translating and writing a blog or writing essays is also the advantages of “The internet world”.

But, not only the advantages, there is also the disadvantages. The disadvantages is you would play internet games and go to bed late. this would let you get tired on the next day. You would maybe disclose your personal information like email password,your house address, your real name and lots more. There are someone would use your email password and stole your data. Sometimes, you would receive deceptive emails and you would trust them. And, someone would see bad video.

If you use the internet correctly, you would be safe. You must decline and ignore the emails that the people you do not know,it might be a deceptive email.



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