I am not useless

On one day,i asked my mum am i useless?My mum was shocked that why did i asked such question and she asked why.I said that i am not as pretty as some girls,i am not as clever as the bookworm and i am not as gentlewoman as the princesses,i am not good at everything.

My mum replied no, everybody have their good and bad. you are good at drawing,storytelling and others you haven’t notice. Nobody is useless in the world. Someone think they are useless because they haven’t noticed their good.So on,my mum told me a story: When everybody was born, god gave everybody power, which is everybody’s good. Someone did not notice their ‘power’ from young to old,so they did not use well their ‘power’.But some of them used their ‘power’ to earn money and help the others who needs help.

I think this story is justified.So i remembered my mother’s words,never think you are a useless person.


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