Do not judge a book by its cover

“Do not judge a book by its cover “, this idiom is a very good moral sentence. This idiom teaches me not to prejudge the worth or value of something,by its outward appearance alone.

I am primary five now and i remember a story from last year. When i was primary five,which is last year,i experienced a story about “do not judge a book by its cover”. Last year,there is a transfer student from another school came to our class. His name is Michael. His hair and eyes were brown. He did not wear glasses and he is fat.

In class,he is a quiet boy and did not talk to anyone on the first two days. Everyday when it is recess time,some naughty boys laughed at him and called him ‘big fat stupid pig’.   Although he was uncomfortable,but he forbearance and did not cry. He started to make friends because he was lonely.

When it is exam,i saw he do the questions seriously. After exam, teacher announced our exam results. Michael was the first in class. I couldn’t believe, i thought he is a person that only knows how to play and never learn. I was wrong. Everybody exposed their unbelievable expression.

After everybody experienced this, everybody became Michael’s friends and Michael is never lonely anymore.So,we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. If a person is ugly,doesn’t mean that he or she is a stupid people.


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