My peaceful place

What is peace?I think peace is no war,no argument and no rudeness.I couldn’t describe peace because i couldn’t see peace.Actually,peace is everywhere but someone destroyed it.

I wish there is a peaceful place in this world.I wish my peaceful place is a beautiful place with a small pond and butterflies.Everyday,i will go to my father’s bakery shop to help him.Until one day,i found a passage to a shop house on top of my father’s bakery. The shop house is very filthy. This place is like a place after war,very messy.There are plastic bags and rubbish everywhere on the floor.

I decided to clean this place up.I took a big plastic bag and put the rubbish into it.I bought some plants and flowers to decorate this place. After the cleaning,this place looks cleaner.This is my peaceful place although there is no pond and butterflies.I ‘invited’ my father to this place after i went to answer the nature’s call.My father was shocked but amazed.He said that this place is wonderful.

I like my peaceful place.There is no repairing sounds and it is relaxing.This is my wonderful ,relaxing and easy peaceful place.



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