The thank you for someone

I wanted to say thank you to someone .I thought I would say my ‘thank you’ to my friends for helping me or the teachers teaching me for years. But, my ‘thank you’ is for my parents.

Remember once, my mother was doing housework and my father was helping me to repair my computer .I was just sitting on a chair playing games .My mother was angry when she saw me playing games. She started nagging me and I had a ‘hate’ word in my heart. After she went away, another trouble came, my father said that he was working so hard to fix my computer and I am not helping him playing games in the living room. I didn’t bother my father’s words and continue playing games. My father’s head almost exploded when he saw what I did.

When I grew up, my parent got older. They started to be forgetful and they do things slower. I also started to complain and they got disappointed. I had no idea why do they need to be disappointed at me. But, I slowly found that I’ve done things too much to them, I threat them as a maid. I felt ashamed for myself.

I don’t want to let my parents down, so I decided to help them to take care of my baby sister, do the housework and more. And one day, I said a thank you to my parent, they were so touch after I said thank you .Time flies , when it passes a year, everybody will get older and older. So everybody, please appreciate everything your parents do and say a ‘thank you’ to them, your friends, your teachers and do not complain. A word ‘thank you’ is very powerful, you will let them feel happy.


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